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If you're looking for something really different, the Old Door Dining Table is built to impress! The antique doors are recovered from old, demolished buildings around 100-150 years old in Rajasthan, India. We frame the doors and construct legs out of reclaimed wood recovered from the buildings, turning them into dining tables. Tempered glass then sits on grooves crafted into the frame (sold separately). Featuring original carvings and finishing materials, this solid wood table creates a show-stopping dining experience. 


Available in multiple sizes and prices depending on which door you pick! Contact the showroom for available pieces at 604 969 1201. 

Solid hardwood furniture that is both stylish and sustainable

Rosewood & Acacia are some of the most beautiful and timeless materialsin the industry. The stunning, natural grain patterns make each piece uniquely yours.

Natural wood has variations in colour & texture, meaning no two pieces will be alike.

We build products to last generations

Quality construction means your furniture is designed to last, with a build that is solid and sturdy. Every product is handcrafted with the utmost care down to any metal detailing that is hand-welded by expert artisans.

Since we only use solid hardwood & no veneers, you can be confident your piecewill be handsome & strong.

Beauty Meets Functionality

Solid wood furniture is a classic for a reason - it's beautiful, timeless, and can easily fit into any style of home. Our furniture is designed to be not only strong and durable, but also to have clever features that make your everyday life a little easier.