Colour Therapy and Interior Design

Colour Therapy and Interior Design

Ever wondered why there are days that you wear an outfit that looked great and just looks "meh" the next time you try it on? Nothing about your aesthetics has changed, so why the difference? Or why lighter and brighter spaces uplift and rejuvenate you, whilst other rooms bring down your energy and make you grumpy and irritable? Here is where the theory of colour therapy comes in. Your mood is directly affected by colours around you- it is said that colours bring out different emotions in a person. Ancient cultures, especially Chinese and Egyptian cultures, utilized colour as a form of therapy, and it is still used today in alternative medicine to help treat emotional ailments like depression, as well as physical ones like eczema, physical pain, among others. Colour is said to be energy that is visible to the human eye, and that energy is transmitted to us by surrounding ourself by it. Interior design has taken note of this alternative form of healing, and colour pallets are consciously chosen to suit a person's unique needs. A harmoniously balanced room can bring balance and calm to a person's physical and emotional well-being. According to colour therapy:

Red stimulates the body and mind and increases blood circulation.

Yellow stimulates the nerves and purify the body.

Orange heals the lungs and increase energy levels.

Blue soothes illnesses and treat pain. Indigo alleviates skin problems.

Wall paint and accents help tie your room together and help bring colour to your room. Find a colour scheme that resonates with you deep inside and go with it- don't be afraid to experiment. Happy decorating!