What To Expect At IDS West 2016

What To Expect At IDS West 2016

This week, in Vancouver it is the Interior Design Show (IDS) West, the biggest interior Design event in Vancouver, with 7,000 designers, architects, and other industry professionals. Over three-and-a-half days, and close to 40,000 people in attendance, it will showcase the distinct Pacific West Coast style.

IDS West was launched in 2004 under the original name Design Vancouver to celebrate West Coast professionals and emerging talent. It was originally modeled after the Toronto Interior Design Show but since then has taken a life of its own.

The show has grown in size ever since its inception and has some of the biggest names in design. We are always blown away at the talented designers Vancouver has who will be on display at IDS West. From popular trends, prototypes, to limited edition pieces, the IDS Show has all things design, not just locally but internationally as well.

We are using IDS West in Vancouver to celebrate and highlight everything in Vancouver as we go into fall. Colour is a big theme this season and is critical to any part of interior design. The right palette can brighten up a dull, lifeless room and change the atmosphere for energizing and vibrant, to peaceful and serene.

At Rosewood Home and Condo, we are happy to tell you about the latest trends in interior design, both in Vancouver and around the world. Designers understand the impact of design and colour choices which you’ll see at this year’s IDS West.

Every year, trending colours in furniture and design change. This year, interior design is about maximizing Fall colours to really draw the eye and accentuate the furniture choices in your home. While new combinations are making their debut, old favourites will be returning to IDS West as well. Shades from natural sources like warm rosy colours, to shades of pink and romantic colours are popular this year.

At IDS West, we predict you’ll likely see a lot of opposite colours, for example modern metallic coupled with calmer hues like bright yellow or orange. Pastel colours like soft blue, pink, and orange are also big in the fall and great for family rooms or bedrooms. This is a very modern style that has appeared in Vancouver only recently.

At Rosewood we specialize in a modern look, coupled with well-made, solid wooden furniture. We cater to middle-class Canadians, and especially Vancouverites, who want a balance between affordability and quality. We understand Vancouver is an expensive city to live in, especially with the housing prices, so we made our products both high-end, yet affordable to Vancouverites on a tight budget.

We are inspired by the workmanship of the Rajasthani carpenters who pass their skills on generation from generation and the Indian Rosewood, also known as Sheesham. It is a species of Rosewood from India and Bangladesh, and it is extremely dense and therefore sturdy, strong, and long-lasting.

If you’re inspired by IDS West, come check out our 7,000 square-foot showroom and see a vast selection of both contemporary and modern furniture with styles ranging from minimalist to rustic as well as retro. 

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