Vancouver is Famous for Wooden Furniture

Vancouver is Famous for Wooden Furniture

Living in Vancouver… with Nature

What comes to mind when you think about Vancouver? It’s true that it’s one of Canada’s largest cities, situated on the west coast of British Columbia. It’s a marine harbour, and with a population of about 4 million people it’s a busy, crowded area. Wherever you look skyscrapers are visible. But amidst the concrete jungle there’s a fair dose of nature to be enjoyed. With our fair share of shorelines, parks and beaches we’re spoiled for choice. From our infamous Stanley Park, a huge park situated right in the middle of downtown, you can look across to the North Shore mountains and see that nature really is on our doorstep.

So what does this have to do with furniture? Well, British Columbians, and Vancouverites especially love to be outdoors. Being a natural rainforest our long winters can be extremely wet, so when the sun shines we take full advantage. Our lifestyles are full of hiking, sailing, swimming, skiing, walking, biking … you get the picture. But those long wet winters do lend themselves to a certain amount of hibernating. And when winter comes, we all love to nest indoors by a warm fire. And if we can, we bring a bit of nature with us..

There’s nothing like coming home to a warm inviting home at the end of a long, wet day. Surrounding ourselves with cozy textiles and warm wood grains is one way we enjoy the west coast lifestyle. There’s something about solid wood furniture that brings an element of warmth, especially when it’s a unique piece with a detailed grain. Rosewood Home & Condo provides some wonderful options to bring a little bit of nature into your home. Whether your taste is modern or rustic, or a combination of both, our showroom will inspire the west coast lifestyle in you.

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