Charlotte McFarland

“Rosewood Home & Condo is one of my absolute favourite places to shop.  In fact, most of my home is furnished with their pieces. I always receive a warm welcome, and all the assistance I require.  That includes giving me ample space on the days I prefer to pop by and browse in silence. It's the combination of beautiful products and superb customer service that has made me a happy return customer for the last 7 years.”


Michael Purtill

“Staff is very kind and helpful. We had a very pleasant shopping experience and have been rewarded with some quality wood furniture to last for generations!”

Naomi Krogman

“Excellent and kind service from the moment I stepped into the store to the moment the delivery men (who also set up the furniture) left my condo.  The furniture is so well made and so beautiful to look at.” 


Emmy Chahal

“I have many beautiful pieces in my home from this store. I love the warm, unique, and grounding feeling of my rosewood bookcase. It adds something very special to my home. I also have a beautiful coloured mirror from India that lights me up everytime I walk by, since my ancestors are from that very same country.

I highly recommend Rosewood to folks looking for a sophisticated, yet down to earth and spiritual vibe in their home. I am very happy with all of our purchases and it is a delight to come home to well made and simply elegant furnishings.”

Karla Rubio

“I just got a coffee and storage table and the quality -  it's amazing, it looks incredible and it's really unique. Prices are amazing, new favorite place.”


Nilanjana Mittra

“I recently purchased a dining set and an almirah/wardrobe from Rosewood H&C. Very happy! Their furniture has a timeless elegant look and of great quality. Huge collection and at a reasonable price. I get compliments on my beautiful pieces all the time. Wish I had more room to buy more pieces from this store. Diamond and his team are very knowledgeable about their products. He made sure the entire delivery process carried out smoothly.” 



“We bought a dining room set, queen bed, Two Natuzzi chairs, and a couple of mattresses for our new 3 bedroom condo. One of the Natuzzi chairs had to be special ordered.

What stands out the most about Rosewood is their excellent customer service. We needed a special mattress that had to be a certain weight. They did not sell that type of mattress at the store, but since Rosewood is all about the customer, they took the time and found a mattress for us.

In store, the staff are friendly, professional, very helpful and certainly know every detail about the furniture they are selling. Very relaxed and wonderful shopping experience.

Delivery - on time.  The furniture was assembled very efficiently and they explain details about the furniture as they set up. And before they left, they polished the furniture.  We were impressed.

About that 2nd Natuzzi chair that had to be special ordered.... We realized that we had space in our living room for only 1 chair (oops) Wasn’t even an issue....we were given a store credit.  Thank you.

We definitely and highly recommend that you visit Rosewood Home & Condo.”