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Customize Your Dining Experience

Take a seat at your new solid wood table, knowing you're creating a one of a kind dining experience. Our table tops feature planks of solid Rosewood containing unique grain patterns that are all completely different, so you can be sure no one will have a table exactly like yours. Built to last a lifetime, your solid wood table is handcrafted in India from sustainably grown & harvested Rosewood. Our customizing program allows you to choose the colour, edge finish, legs and size so you can impress friends and family with your sense of style

Customize your dining table by selecting a Rosewood table top in Natural or Viva stain, choosing a live or tapered edge, and selecting the base that most suits your style. You're on way to creating your custom dining experience!


  • Built from solid Rosewood that's sustainably plantation-grown in India.
  • Each piece of wood will contain knots & unique grain patterns that are characteristics of natural wood.
  • Water based stain & top coat
  • Steel legs available in dark gun-metal grey.
  • Some assembly required (approximately 15 minutes)


Table: Table Dimensions: Shipping Dimensions (top only): Shipping Weight:
4 seater: L: 53" D: 32" H: 30" L: 55" D: 36" H: 3.5" 37 kg
6 seater: L: 59" D: 35.5" H: 30" L: 61" D: 38.5" H: 3.5" 42 kg
8 seater: L: 69" D: 39" H: 30" L: 71" D: 41" H: 3.5" 48 kg
8+ seater: L:79" D:39" H: 30" L:81" D:42.5" H: 3.5" 55 kg
10 seater: L: 86.5" D: 39" H: 30" L: 89.5" D: 42.5" H: 3.5" 60 kg
10+ seater: L:96" D:40" H: 30" L:99" D:44" H: 5" 67 kg


Legs: Box Dimensions: Shipping Weight:
Cross: L: 34" D: 30" H: 8" 24 kg
Paul: L: 31.5" D: 28" H: 8" 30 kg
Round: L: (39" D: 6.5" H: 6.5") x 2 8 kg
Square: L: 31" D: 30" H: 7" 14 kg
V leg: L: 31" D: 30" H: 7" 14 kg
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