Cozy Home For Fall


There is a chill in the air and suddenly it’s no longer summer. It’s time to decorate your home in Fall colours and to update your home to reflect the warmth of the season. Fall décor is all about natural accents, warm colours and comfort with neutral, earth-like tones and soft fibers.


We’re going to give you some ideas about how you can change up your home without blowing up your budget so you can enjoy it in the colder months. As you sip pumpkin spice lattes, you can touch up your home with some seasonal inspiration.


Bring the Outdoors Inside

You’re probably thinking that it’s too cold to be outside—let alone bring the outside in. Fall colours are the most beautiful of any season: the oranges, reds, and yellows can really make your home lively and enjoyable. You can bring in dried flowers and place them in vases at different heights, placing them around your home.  You can also decorate your dining room table with pumpkins, squash, figs, pine cones, birch, and apples. If you feel especially inspired, you can even add pumpkin-scented candles.


Add a Rug to Your Home

With natural earth-tones, adding some area pastel-coloured rugs can accent your room elegantly. Consider a beautiful long hall rug for the Fall and Winter to greet your visitors. A wall-to-wall carpet can be a great addition, although more costly and disruptive if you have to renovate. The fabric softness combined with an eye-catching blend of neutral tones gives the rug a comforting appeal that will fit right in this season.


Use the Fireplace as a Focal Point

With the cold temperatures, you can accent the fireplace mantel with Fall colours and representations for the season. The fireplace, don’t forget, is a perfect gathering spot for friends and family so don’t forget to check it for safety issues and hazards. You might want to get it professionally cleaned before you light it up for the first time this Fall. They can be a hazard if neglected.


Change the Curtains

Next to paintings, curtains are the easiest thing to switch up. It’s a good idea to add heavier curtains that trap the heat inside the house and assist with energy costs. Curtains are a great way to change up a room with minimal effort.


Adding Throw Pillows and Blankets

Pillows always make your home more comfortable. Consider adding a couple of throw pillows and blankets of various textures to your living room to give it that extra homely feel. Incorporating faux fur or wool for a cohesive yet complex look.


If there’s one thing that makes saying goodbye to summer easier, it the thought of Fall decorating. We hope you have some new ideas and some inspiration for the coming months.  This time of year, we naturally crave cozy and warmth and a great place to read a good book and a bottle of wine while the season’s change.



How to: Make your bed like Professionals

Is there anything better than climbing into a crisp, fresh, impeccably-made bed? Here at Rosewood, we don’t think so. In this blog post, we’re going to reveal how we create our beautiful beds, and some tips on how to best decorate and maintain them.

How to make your bed

Make your bed like professionals

To Count or Not To Count? That is the Question

A modern bed should look tailored, neat, and inviting. In North America a bed linen quality is often associated with thread count which is the density of the bed linen fibers. While this is helpful, it doesn’t take account the entire picture. For example, a low thread count doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality sheets. We recommend you also look at what the linen is made of, and how the material feels against your body.

Layers Upon Layers

If your bed style doesn’t require a skirt, you can skip this step, though you may want to invest in a box-spring cover if it is exposed. However, if you’re using a bed skirt, center it in place, making sure the edges are even at the foot and sides. Use small, unobtrusive pins to secure it in place.

Tuck the fitted sheet tightly. For the best fit, use an extra-deep sheet, especially if you have a pillow-top or a tall mattress – otherwise a standard size should work fine. Pull it taut and tuck the edges beneath the mattress. As with the mattress pad, corner fasteners can keep the sheet from creeping inward.

Duvet and duvet cover size are different from bed size. This may seem confusing, but actually makes sense. Just remember, when it comes to duvets and duvet covers, queen and double are considered the same size. The difference between a queen mattress and a double is about 6 inches. This means the duvet is only going to be about 3 inches longer on each side of the double bed than it is on the queen.

A Bed’s Foundation

Frames are one of the most important aspects to consider and it is what gives your bed flare. There are many ways of dressing the bed – tucked/ military style, full and luxurious – but certain bed frames lend themselves better for certain dressing methods. A bed frame without a footboard is well-suited for the tuck/military style method of dressing the bed. This is also known as the hospital bed. A bed frame with a footboard that is higher than the side railing looks best when the duvet is either tucked at the end or the sides are left loose.

Personalize Your Bed

Pillows are like window dressing and are best used to accent the bed with a flourish of style and colour. There are many options to consider. Pillow shams have a 2-inch border made more for decoration than for practicality, and the opening is usually hidden in the middle of the back. Pillow shams are typically used to hide the wrinkled, flat pillows you sleep on when the bed is made up – though some people choose to sleep on them as well.

Another option is the accent cushions which are a simple decoration and give the bed a sophisticated look. A word of warning, however: do not overdo it with pillows. Too many pillows will overwhelm the eye and take away from the bed frame and linen, giving it a messy, cluttered look.

The Finishing Touches  

Take care of your bed linen as you would a dress shirt or suit. Follow the package instructions that come with your linen set and duvet cover. To help prevent a brightly coloured duvet from fading, send it to the drycleaners. If you want a crisp look, iron the sheets and duvet covers before you make the bed. A standard ironing board is too small to handle sheets with ease — cover an inexpensive folding table, or a large sheet of plywood, with heatproof foam to give you more surface area to work with. Don’t forget the bed skirt and shams while you’re at it.

Hopefully we have given you some great ideas on how to do bed and you can implement some of them in your own home. If you’re looking for more, come visit our fabulous showroom and talk to us to learn more about bedding and furniture.



Choosing The Right Colour For Your Home


Interior Colour Design VancouverColour is one of the essential ingredients of fabulous interior designing and actually the most important to consider in designing your homes. Because of the vast array of selection of colours available, it is now harder for the designers and homeowners to choose which one is to use.  Some people find it safe to choose beige and white while others will prefer to have an experiment with the different shades of the colours.  Through this powerful tool of designing, it further helps the designer to boost out his/her confidence in expressing out how unique human being he/she is.

Choosing the perfect colour takes so much time, effort, patience, experience and most of all creativity. Here are a few of list to consider in picking up the best colour for your interior.

  • Consider your desired ambiance to have that you want to set. This is your first and probably one of the important basis of the following steps.
  • Learn to balance shades and at the same time colour when emphasizing a certain spot
  • Know your objective in designing. Is it to make it feel wider or hotter? Select the right design that would is appropriate to make a spot look like it is cooler or
  • Choose neutral colours that would maintain and suit the featured one

Your masterpiece will be the best masterpiece in the world with just the right combination and treatments of colours.  Give life to it. Boost its natural look and atmosphere. Picking the right one that will give you the urge to stay comfortable and happy. Be creative in creating colour combinations.

It is also good to consider the following factors in choosing the perfect colour in interior designing

It is good to know that nice interior designs can transform too loud or to dull shades or tones into an ambiance that will give you relaxation and the feeling that you are at your own home. Create a room that is so inviting and warming. As much as possible , use warm earth tints to create a look that will result into a comfortable and cozy place.

It’s a great idea to pick bright colours for emphasizing spots that you want to be noticed. Make use of illusions in balancing proportions. It is just a matter of colour techniques.

Spacious and cooler effect
Most of the time white shades are really effective in giving a more spacious look to your homes. Aside from that, it is better to matched similar shades or colours for the furniture and wall. These will give also a wider illusion of space.  For cool effects, make use of delicate colours.

Balance allows the space to blend well with the environment. Neutral colours will the perfect choice for this while lighter shades will provide you better flexibility that mainly concerns with the furniture and accessories.

Creating fabulous interior designs with the right choice of colours will brighten and will be your first milestone into your happy and comfortable way of living.

Be sure to check out Vancouver Condo Furniture for excellent furniture design solutions!


Colour Therapy and Interior Design

Ever wondered why there are days that you wear an outfit that looked great and just looks “meh” the next time you try it on? Nothing about your aesthetics has changed, so why the difference? Or why lighter and brighter spaces uplift and rejuvenate you, whilst other rooms bring down your energy and make you grumpy and irritable?

Here is where the theory of colour therapy comes in. Your mood is directly affected by colours around you- it is said that colours bring out different emotions in a person. Ancient cultures, especially Chinese and Egyptian cultures, utilized colour as a form of therapy, and it is still used today in alternative medicine to help treat emotional ailments like depression, as well as physical ones like eczema, physical pain, among others.

Colour is said to be energy that is visible to the human eye, and that energy is transmitted to us by surrounding ourself by it. Interior design has taken note of this alternative form of healing, and colour pallets are consciously chosen to suit a person’s unique needs. A harmoniously balanced room can bring balance and calm to a person’s physical and emotional well-being.

Red stimulates the body and mind and increases blood circulation.

Yellow stimulates the nerves and purify the body.

Orange heals the lungs and increase energy levels.

Blue soothes illnesses and treat pain.

Indigo alleviates skin problems.

Wall paint and accents help tie your room together and help bring colour to your room. Find a colour scheme that resonates with you deep inside and go with it- don’t be afraid to experiment. Happy decorating!