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Rosewood Furniture Outlet

Starting from humble roots in Kenya, East Africa, Rosewood Furniture’s essence was developed. With over 10 years experience in designing and constructing furniture in East Africa, Alnoor Lakhani, founder and CEO of Rosewood Home and Condo, decided to bring his expertise to Canada.

Noticing a gap in the Canadian furniture market- the only options being extremely overpriced furniture and furniture that was cheap and disposable, Alnoor decided to fill the void by creating a brand of well-constructed and handmade, exotic hardwood furniture. To find the balance between affordability and quality, after travelling extensively around the world, he soon discovered that India would be the source to his vision. Inspired by the workmanship that the Rajasthani carpenters possessed, a craft that has been passed on from generation to generation, as well as the sustainable nature of Sheesham, the Indian Rosewood, he soon began designing and purchasing pieces that would be the ideal fit for the Canadian home.

Rosewood Home and Condo prides itself in providing the Canadian market with high quality, sustainable, handcrafted solid wood furniture that is affordable. Particular thought has been put into the construction of each piece- most pieces are multifunctional and compact. Constantly evolving due to market demand, the Rosewood brand changes to fit the Vancouver home. A business that is family owned and run, the Rosewood team prides itself in providing quality and personal customer care.

Our 7000 sq. foot showroom has a vast selection of contemporary furniture as well as antiques, with styles that range from modern and minimalistic, to rustic as well as retro.